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Enjoy The Weekend Gateway in Dedeman Konya …


Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, continues its special offers based on a following statement: “So many places to discover… So many Dedemans” Dedeman Konya Hotel & Convention Center awaits its guests for the weekends. 


Detailed Information: +90 (332) 221 66 00

Dreamlike Wedding in Dedeman Konya....


Dedeman Konya, located in the city center, offers its guests wedding packages that include many services from hall ornamentation service through honeymoon planning, orchestra preparation to private wedding car allocation, which intends to ease the wedding bustle.

Detailed Information: +90 (332) 221 66 00

Free Wi-Fi in all Dedeman Hotels!

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, aimed to provide comfortable and convenient accommodation facilities to the guests, offers "free wireless internet connection service" in all Dedeman Hotels.
Detailed Information: 444 4 336 – (international) +90 444 43 36

Have you met the advantages of Dedeman Loyal Club?

Join the exclusive world of Dedeman Loyal Club and start enjoying the privileged services offered to the members of the program.
Detailed Information: +90 (212) 280 84 44