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Located in the East Kazakhstan, Oskemen sits at the foothills of the Altai Mountains where the Ulba and Irtysh Rivers intersect. In recent years Kazakhstan has become an important member of the world economics due to its investments and natural riches.


The Dedeman Oskemen Tavros is located in the city center on the bank of the Irtysh River, 10km away from the Oskemen Airport, and 500m away from the town square. You can easily access art and cultural centers with the use of the transportation systems, all of which are close to the hotel. The city’s popular meeting point, the ice hockey hall, is only 2km away from the hotel, when concert halls, restaurants, and shopping centers are only 1km away. Places of interest near the Irtysh River are only 200m from the hotel.

Nearby Attractions

Ethnographic Museum

The museum was opened in 1968. Museum buildings are historic and cultural monuments: former shop of merchant I.M. Kozhevnikov, mayor assistant, built in 1914 by captured Czechs; the former building of the highest urban primary school, built in 1886; former Mariinsky female school, opened in 1902.


Now these buildings are expositions and exhibitions of Kazakh and Russian ethnography, material and spiritual culture of the peoples and indigenous ethnic groups living in the East Kazakhstan region.

Maxim Gorky Street

The city’s most important street, Maksim Gorky Street, is filled with shopping centers where you can find great souvenirs. The buildings along the street are the great examples of Kazakhstan architecture.

City Monuments

The monuments are spread all over the city of Oskemen, you can find statues in the honor of famous writers, scientists, and leading names in Kazakhstan’s history. Some notable monuments include those created for the famous Russian writer Alexander Pushkin and famous Kazakh turkologist Altay Amanjolov.

Andreevsky Church

Resting on the banks of the Irtysh River is one of the city’s most magnificent religious structures, the Andreevsky Church. After a pleasant stroll along the city visit the church and explore its unique and compelling architecture.


Strelka, is the place where the Irtysh and Ulba Rivers merge, and also is the memorial to World War built in honor of the national war that took place on these grounds. It is a great location to grab an afternoon drink and take in the scenery.

Zhastar Park

Zhastar Park, is one of the most vibrant parts of the city that fills with life and music especially when the weather is good. Moreover there is a cafe in the Kirov Park.

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